We are committed to the research of technological advances, by continuously generating new ideas aiming the enhancement of the athletes’ training and their quality of life.


In Lomcage we like to get the things well done! That is why during our production process we ensure the highest quality of each product. During the setup, we test and ensure that the design, hardware and software of each one of our products matches with our quality standards. That is why we can ensure the highest reliability of our products.


The order management is one of our biggest priorities. The customer care is one of our strategic focus areas and our team is completely dedicated to the building of a close and personalised relationship with our customers that guarantees their complete satisfaction.


Lomcage was created by its people and their interest in developing new training methods adapted to the new times. We could only understand the achievement of our vision through the collaboration with companies and professionals close to us, thus helping in the development of a local industrial fabric.

Additionally, we also promote the growth of young athletes so they can reach their dream of playing at the highest level of their favourite sport.


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Our device projects visual stimulus simulating the actual launch trajectories and for each stimulus has an interception point to act on it, forcing the goalkeeper to make real interceptions of a match situation.


Evaluates and collects the data obtained from displacement power and action-reaction creating a statistic to objectively assess the performance of the goalkeeper.

It allows to adapt the programming of the specific exercises according to the characteristics of the rival.

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Ejercicio con gomas lomcage


The device allows the goalkeeper to do a specific training without extra staff and can work with external training materials to adapt the work to any training.


Its easy handling and installation allows the device to be adapted briefly to the goal without influencing the training of the team.

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